1. If you are a high heels lover, you would be inspired.2. Concealed carry and use. Tried it on a flight in business class.3. Durability for reuse. Reduce the use of tissue paper.4. Easy to clean and store.5. Affordable price.

Robert Howard

I'm a single guy and honestly, I held off on writing this because I was kind of shy and worried about prudishness. I then realized, why? And I hope this review helps anyone else curious about this.First, very convenient to use and feels good. Cleaning is very easy, and the different types all are equally leasurable. Using with a water-based lubricant is my go-to option and their durability is excellent. I encourage any guy that has been looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and feel-good solution to self-care and pleasure, check these out for sure. I think you will like these eggs.


I bought a full set from a store a few years back and my husband loved it. When I saw that OIVA carried it, I decided to get it again. It’s fun to use to add a little spice in your sex life. I know it’s meant for solo work but I think it’s better with a partner. Definitely recommend. Each one has a different texture inside that gives a different sensation.

Rotten Girl

First time trying the hard boiled version. Has a high sensation texture, massages the frenulum nicely. Feels pretty good with good amount of lube. Definitely recommend this one. Durable material and stretches nicely. Gave me a pretty intense pulsating orgasm. Egg internal texture feels very intense as you get closer to ejaculating. You can prevent mess by cumming inside of the egg. It's nice and portable too.

Joe G.

Extremely soft and stretchy. It's kind of odd at to use at first - especially if you're a bit bigger than average or larger, it barely goes past the crowning of the head of your member - however it stretches all the way to the base when you squeeze and pull it towards your body which gives an interesting sensation to say the least, but it does feel good. It seems to result in more suction than you'd think and each one is durable enough for SEVERAL uses 


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